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The Obedience Hub

Obedience is the very foundations of our training and is important for a well behaved, well mannered companion dog. 

Why teach Obedience?

  • Helps with Reactivity

  • Helps with nervousness

  • Helps with bond building

  • Helps with Recall

  • Helps with creating calmness

  • Is mentally and physically stimulating

  • Creates manners

  • Gives you control when needed

  • Offers enrichment

  • Is a fun dog and handler past time!


Train online or in person

Our in person course follow our online courses so weather you want to work online from the comfort of your own home or in person with us at one of our training venues you can be sure of receiving the same content and instruction

Tests and Trials

Along with our courses we also have Tests and Trials you can enter. these are all based in fun and do not follow the same rules and regulations as competitive obedience. You can enter the Tests at any time you like and the lay out for the tests will be the same each time. You will be aware a mark out of 200 and a Pass Merit or Distinction. A video displaying the layout of each test will be available soon.

Our Trials you must start at level one and qualify to move up to the next level. These are open to anybody of enter and you do not have to have trained with us to enter a trial. Each trial will be different and will expand on the exercised learnt through the course. 

Join our online Obedience Hub

Gain immediate access to our on demand selfpaced 4 month online course along with our video vault of progressing the exercises and common problem solving. You will also have access to our Private Facebook group where you can upload your own videos for feedback

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