Dog Coach is a brand new way of looking at Dog Training. 

It pretty Normal that you only get in touch with a dog trainer when things haven't gone exactly right with your dog or there is a behavioural problem or two developed. 

Have you ever wondered why most dog trainers have dogs who are pretty much perfectly behaved? It because training starts the moment the dog arrives and continues each and everyday. Yes most dog trainers have a deeper understanding of how a dog works which makes it easier for hem to be able to get the most out of their dogs but this doesn't mean you can't also, just as easily. 

All you need to succeed is Coach. We all need coaches in things to make sure we are on the right track and to keep pushing us forward and in the right direction. Dog training shouldn't be any different. Don't think of dog training as something to do when things go wrong, think of it as something to do to make sure things don't go wrong. 

Dog Coach is a first of its kind, approaching each problem from a coaching point of view and addressing issues from foundations upwards, after all you can't build a house on weak foundations can you!

By being part of Dog Coach you will be able to work towards having a dog you can be proud of, show off within achieve things you never thought possible.

We all need a COACH!

what Dog Coach offers you.....


50 % off 121 Training

Save 50% off all 121 training sessions with Alex Butler at any location in the UK. (Fuel cost apply for areas outside of normal served areas)

Access to all online training courses

Have full and unlimited access tool of our online training courses, chose from Reactivity, Scent work, Puppy training and more as we build our library.

Full Access to the Training video Vault

The Training Video Vault is a vault of videos covering all kinds of training and discussion topics.

Regular Group Coaching Calls

Our coaching calls are Via a zoom link and cover a wide range of topics with audience participation welcome. All our previous coaching calls can be found and accessed in our Vault also.


Regular Q&A Sessions

If you have a burning question then you can submit your question to us and we will answer these questions on a live Q&A session. all Q&A sessions are also stored in our vault for you to access at any time.


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