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Test & Trial Rules & Guidelines

Here you will find out more about the tests and how they are scored and set up.

The Test!

Rules & Guidelines

Each level has its own test which incorporates all the tricks found in that level and allows you to show case your training and your dog. The level tests remain the same each time and are a simple layout with the trick as a raw trick with no added variation or difficulty. The Tests are there to show that you and your dog have a clear understanding of the tricks in each level and have trained as much as you can towards them. 

You can take these tests either online or in person. If you chose to do the test online you will need to set up your test area yourself and have a good network connection as they are carried out over Zoom. We will watch you complete the test over Zoom and then send you your score afterwards. 

If you chose to do your test in person then we will set up your test area and watch you complete your test and give you your result afterwards. 

There is no time limit on the test and your score is out of 200. 

When you start your test you will have a score of 200 and points will be deducted for each mistake encountered. You will be scored from the moment the test begins to the moment it ends including obedience between the trick stations. 

To obtain a Pass in level one you must gain 140/200 or above. If you gain 160/200 or above you will received a Merit score. 180/200 or above and you will gain a distinction. You can reward your dog throughout the test and you can also use lures and encouragement throughout. 

On level two you will need to gain 160/200 or about to pass, 170/200 or above for a merit and 180/200 or above to gain a distinction. You can reward your dog throughout the test and encourage your dog but luring is not allowed. 

As we move to level three and above you can no longer reward your dog through the test (you are welcome to but you will be marked down) and the only communication allowed are the trick or obedience commands and minimal "Good Dogs" commands. 

You don't have to have completed the course to enter the test and you can enter each test how ever many times you like. 

To see the test layouts please Click Here

To book your test please Click Here

The Trials!

Rules & Guidelines

Our Trials differ slightly to our tests. Firstly you must start at level one and you then work towards qualifying to the next level up.

Each level trial will consist of material pulled from that particular level and ALL levels below it. ie, Level 4 trial will have stations in it from levels 1-4. You are marked from the moment you enter the trial to the moment you finish and the amount of points you have at the beginning will depend on the amount of stations that are present. The scores for pass. merit and distinction will also depend on the amount of stations but will remain at:

Pass 70%

Merit 80%

Distinction 90%

Everyone starts at level one and the qualify through those levels to enter the next level. To qualify out of a level you will need to receive at least 2 distinctions and a Merit at that level. 

Once qualified you can enter trials at the next level up. 

Every trial there will be 1st-3rd place awarded. 

Once qualified at a level you are still welcome to enter that level again or a level below but you are not eligible for 1st-3rd placements in those levels. This gives everyone a fair chance at 1st-3rd placements at each level. As each trial will be different being able to enter levels you are qualified out of means you get to work your dog in all trials and environments without missing out. 

The trials will have tricks and obedience exercises from the level they are set at and ALL levels below. these tricks and obedience exercises have a different spin on them to the actual exercise which offers a new dynamic for dogs and handlers and involves training the tricks outside of the box. 

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