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Scent Detection Components lv1 - INSTRUCTOR

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Course Description: Scent Detection Components Level 1 - INSTRUCTOR This comprehensive course is designed for experienced scent detection trainers seeking to elevate their skills. Building upon the foundational principles established in the Scent Detection Foundations course, participants will delve deeper into advanced training techniques and instructional methodologies tailored specifically for teaching scent detection at an intermediate level. Through a combination of theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the key components involved in training dogs for scent detection tasks. Topics covered include motivation to search, threshold searches, confined space searching and much more. Participants will learn effective strategies for designing and implementing training programs that address the unique needs of individual dogs and handlers. Emphasis will be placed on refining observation skills, troubleshooting common training issues, and adapting techniques to accommodate various learning styles. The course will also focus on developing instructor competency in guiding and mentoring students through the training process. Participants will learn how to provide constructive feedback, assess progress, and foster a positive learning environment conducive to skill development and success. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to confidently instruct others in the fundamentals of scent detection at an intermediate level. This course serves as a crucial stepping stone for those aspiring to become certified scent detection instructors and play a vital role in advancing the field of canine scent work. Prerequisite: Scent Detection Foundations course or equivalent experience.

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