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Monthly Subscriptions with Enigma Canine

  • Enigma Revolution

    Every month
    Online coaching for your Scent Work Journey
    • Unlimited Professional Coaching on Video Submissions
    • Ability to work towards colour coded Collars
  • Talent Dogs UK

    Every month
    Training, Q&As, Hints & Tips
    • Training videos for each level as they go on.
    • Pre-recorded Training Sessions
    • Feedback on your training.
    • Weekly Lessons to keep you motivated
    • Weekly Live Chat
  • Enigma Initiative

    Every month
    Scent Work Instructors Mentoring Program
    • Problem solving video channel
    • Immersion events video channel
    • Events and trial ideas video channel
    • Ability to submit questions for problem solving help
    • Ideas for exercises in classes and workshops video channel
    • Regular live chat
    • One half day in person workshop a month
    • Access to Enigma Canine Scentwork Partnership CT videos
  • Scent Work Foundations - INSTRUCTOR

    All our online Foundation instructor courses at a discounted price.
    • Tracking Foundations - INSTRUCTOR
    • Hard Surface Tracking Foundations - INSTRUCTOR
    • Mantrailing Foundations - INSTRUCTOR
    • Scent Detection Foundations - INSTRUCTOR
  • Trail Hunt International Registered

    Join Trail Hunt and work your way through achievements
    • Training Log Book
    • Ability to earn training achievements
    • Members only page
    • Enter Trail Hunt International Trials
    • Take Trail Hunt International Level Test
  • Trail Hunt International INSTRUCTORS

    Every month
    Problem Solving Videos and extra Training for Qualified Trail Hunt International INSTRUCTORS only.
    • Unlimited accès to our video vault of extra training videos
  • Enigma Canine Scent Work Partnership CT

    Every month
    Continued Training videos for all Partnership Instructors
    • Access to the Video channel for Continued training

Monthly subscriptions: PaidPlans
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