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Talent Dogs UK

Talent Dogs UK is a brand new Pet Dog  Trick training idea which incorporates trick training and obedience for fun trials and events. 

Training tricks has so many benefits for you and your dogs here are a few of them:

1. Builds stronger bonds between dogs & Handlers

2. Can help with a lot of behavioural issues like reactivity

3. Reduces Stress levels for both dog and handler

4. Mentally and physically stimulates your dog to create a calm quiet energy

5. Can replace a walk if for what ever reason that walk can't be taken

6. Its a lot of fun!

How does Talent Dogs UK Work?

Talent Dogs UK have Levels that you can work towards. Each Level contains six different tricks of which progressively get harder as you go to the next level. 

You can work on the tricks either in person or online and once you have reached the end of the course you can chose to take the Level Test to gain your certificate and rosette. You can pick and chose which level you would like to work on and which level test  you would like to do. You do not have to go through the levels progressively and you don't have to have completed the level to take the test.  Find out about our levels by Clicking Here!

Trials are held regularly of which you can enter weather you have completed the courses or not, you start at level one trial and work to qualify to the next level. 

Test and Trial rules are at the bottom of the page and vary slightly between each other.  Click here to read more.

Our membership is open to everyone weather you are working online or in person. There are several; amazing benefits of our membership. Click here to find out more.

The main aim of Talent Dogs UK is to bring Pet Dog Trick Training to everyone and to make is accessible to as many dogs and owners as possible. 

How can you get involved? 

You can train with us online or in-person in a wide variety of ways.


We have online courses for all the levels to Talent Dogs UK were you can work through the material at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. 

We also have regular Challenges and mini courses you can participate in online too. You can request to take your level test online and we even have some online trials you can enter. Click here to find out about our levels and to sign up 

Our membership area is online where you will get free access to all our online courses, extra training videos, regular live Q&A sessions, Feedback on your own training and hints and tips for up and coming trials.

In person: We have regular classes in Walcote and North Kilworth, Leicestershire and Workshops Nationwide. 

We also have trials and events held mainly in Leicestershire but Nationwide also.


Join the Talent Dogs UK Club!

Join our Talent Dogs UK Membership area and benefit from these amazing services:

  • FREE Access to our online courses 

  • Extra Training videos to push you and your dog further and to problem solve common issues.

  • Feed back on your own training videos.

  • Regular Live Q&A Sessions

  • Hints and Tips on up coming trials and events

  • Being part of a friendly community

Click HERE to Sign up today for instant access.

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