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Enigma Canine 
Trusted Instructors

You can now train with one of our Trusted Instructors any where in the WORLD.  

What is an Enigma Canine Trusted Instructor?

Engima Canine's Trusted Instructors offer unparalleled expertise in dog training. Our instructors are trained and assessed by myself, a professional dog trainer with over 20 years of experience. Our services cover all aspects of scent work, and our instructors are available all over the world.

Find your nearest Trusted Instructor to start training with today.

Are you a Dog Trainer and want to add Scent work to your classes. Click here to find out more and become an Enigma Canine Trusted Instructor.

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Our Facebook group will give you current up to date events, classes and workshops from our Trusted instructors and allow you to connect to your nearest Instructors 

Our Trusted Instructors

Below you will see a list of all our Trusted Instructors A map of locations will be coming soon!

Gonçalo Eder de Oliveira

Positive Tribe

  • Tracking Foundations 


Catherine Vincent and Wendy Evans


  • Tracking Foundations


Covering Carmartham and surrounding area

07779 265170

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