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Welcome to Trail Hunt International

Trail Hunt International is a brand new scent work sport where we teach your dog to follow a specific odour which we have laid in the environment.

This sport is accessible to all dogs and handlers and can be practiced by yourself or with friends. It can be practiced anywhere making it the perfect sport to do with your dog.


What is Trail Hunt?

Trail Hunt is a scent work sport where we teach our dogs to follow an odour trail in the environment to locate the "Trail Pod" at the end of the trail. 

It is the perfect Blend of Tracking and Trailing offering a highly accessible sport to take part in. 

We use Aniseed as the odour and laid an air bourn scent for the dogs to follow. 

Scent work is a great mental and physical work out for your dog, just ten minutes of scent work is the equivalent to an hours walk so if you have an excitable over enthusiastic dog then this will be just what you and your dog need!


Become a Trail Hunt International Instructor Today

You can sign up to our Online course or our In-Person course and start offering Trail Hunt International classes and workshops to your clients. Our courses are packed with theory and step by step practical lessons to fully equip you for delivering this fantastci new sport. You will receive full support whilst learning and beyond.. Once you have finished the course you will appear on our website for clients to contact you and you will have access to our instructor only page where you will find merchandise, equipment links and useful advice. 

Click the link below to sign up.

Become a registered Dog & Handler Team and work through the achievements, Level Tests and Enter Trials

How does it work?

To become a registered Dog and Handler team all you need to do is click the link opposite and pay the on off £25 fee. 

Once registered you will recieve your training log book, ID card with Registration number and you will be able to start your journey in gaining your achievements, entering Level tests and Trials.

Your Instructor will be able to assess and sign you off or if working online then you will just need to submit your work back into us as explained in the online course. 

Once you have been signed off for an achievement or a level test you can submit your paperwork ack into us with a fee of £5 to gain your goodies. 

Do you have to be a registered member to enjoy Trail hunt International? Not at all, you can still join classes and workshops or the online course and just enjoy the training without entering achievements or level tests. 

Best Value

Trail Hunt International Registered



Join Trail Hunt and work your way through achievements

Valid until canceled

Training Log Book

Ability to earn training achievements

Members only page

Enter Trail Hunt International Trials

Take Trail Hunt International Level Test


Finding your nearest Instructor

We are training new Instructors every day from all over the world so if you can't find an instructor near to you at the moment keep checking back as more instructors become qualified in our course. 

We will also have our online course coming very soon so you have the option to learn from the comfort of your own home

Trail Hunt International Instructors

These are our Instructors who will be holding workshops and classes. Please contact them to book your place.

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