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Scent Detection

Teaching our Dogs to find a specific odour in the environment. For Pet Dogs and Operational Dogs


What is Scent Detection?

Scent Detection

Scent Detection is the ability for our dogs to Locate a specific odour in the environment and communicate with us that they have done this, this is used in Law enforcement, Search and Rescue and Conservation but it is also a great pastime for Pet Dogs.

Scent Detection can help with behavioural issues, increase confidence, develop a deeper human and dog bond and is great fun. We run Classes and workshops in person and also have an online course where you can learn how about Scent Detection in your own time in the comfort of your own home. 


Join our 5 Day Online Scent Detection Indiction Challenge

This Online Challenge is perfect if you have no experience in scent detection or if you are a seasoned detector. 

Train with us online to see our training methods and get a feel for how we train before you take the plunge and book a full course with us.


Online Scent Detection Course

This online course will take you from the very start of Scent Detection  to advanced work in 4 months. Covering all the foundations up to component work with clear informative video lessons giving you theory sessions, lesson explanations and practical examples.

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Classes and Workshops

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Trials & Events

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