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Teaching our Dogs to follow the disturbance on the ground where a person has walked. For Pet Dogs and Operational Dogs


What is Tracking?


Tracking is the ability for our dogs to follow the disturbance on the ground left by a person walking, this is used in Law enforcement, Search and Rescue and Conservation but it is also a great pastime for Pet Dogs.

Tracking can help with behavioural issues, increase confidence, develop a deeper human and dog bond and is great fun. We run Classes and workshops in person and also have an online course where you can learn how to track in your own time in the comfort of your own home. 


Join our 5 Day Online Tracking Indication Challenge

This Online Challenge is perfect if you have no experience in Tracking or if you are a seasoned Tracker. 

Train with us online to see our training methods and get a feel for how we train before you take the plunge and book a full course with us.


Online Tracking Course Course

This online course will take you from the very start of Tracking to advanced work in 4 months. Covering all the foundations up to component work with clear informative video lessons giving you theory sessions, lesson explanations and practical examples.

Why not join our monthly subscription for Tracking, Enigma Revolution - Tracking, where you can not only gain access to our four month course but also access to our extensive scent work video vault which will allow you to expand your scent work knowledge. You can also join our FB group were you can upload your own videos for feed back and work towards coloured collars on personal achievement.

In Person workshops and Classes

Our in person 4 week long Tracking Classes are held at Walcote in Leicestershire and our Workshops are held at other locations throughout the UK.We run Foundation classes and Continued classes to take you from the very beginning to advanced tracking. We use reward based methods have the emphasis on FUN!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Tracking Trials and Events

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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